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With your contribution you help to save lives, to make a step forward for democracy, peace, equality, freedom and reduce violence, hatred, discrimination, segregation, division, and make sure that the fascist regimes being depleted faster. This is an excellent step in the right direction, Bravo and thank you for your genorous donation!
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Program's aim
Guiding mind principles
What the program is
A closer look
Hierarchical group representation
Simple basic users
Power users
Sponsor eye on code and money
Lowest granularity
Pre-defined rules
Group defined rules
Group formation by aspect
Group formation by hierarchy
Group definition extension
Isometric universal paradigm
Incremental/decremental paradigm
Atomic rules
Promotion of peace
Message aggregator
American model division of sovereignty
Web Interfaces
Cross Web Interfaces
Secure Network

Program's aim

The aim of the program is to promote, defend and enforce human and animal rights throughout the world both in democratic and non-democratic (where most fundamental rights of the weakest are more seriously harmed lead by extremist/fascist governments especially in Islamic world (Iran,Iraq,Qatar,...), China and North Korea.) countries thru a secure network thru which Human Right Organizations and defenders can login and express real life cases arising awareness abroad described bellow guarded against external eavesdropping.

Promoting fundamental rights throughout the world (and especially within those oppressed countries) is paramount in the movement to gain fundamental human freedoms globally. This will be beneficial both within those non-democratic countries and worldwide and is a step forward promoting world peace and fighting terrorism. The beneficial effects of the program not only help build better relations between countries but also between communities and between individuals themselves.

The fight for human right and liberties started 3 and half centuries ago,around 17 century when first settlers started escaping dictatorship regime in the european continent and start building America. This program is built on the same spirit as the one who built America,that is, freedom, equality, justice, representability and prosperity. Unfortunately, still today,2nd decade beginning 21th century,dictatorship still prevails in some countries and hundreds of millions are still in the 'darkness'

Those regimes literally 'crush' the people's (especially the weak) must fundamental rights. They brainwash teens/young adults (and in some countries even young children) into Islamic, extremist, fascist ‘commandos’ and promote hate, violence, and war, not only in USA but in other western democratic countries too. We, too, in Québec have issues with those groups but to a lesser extent than in US. The recent events including numerous terrorist attacks in most democratic countries and not so recent (9/11) – are just reminders. The war on terrorism is a multi-dimensional/multi-lateral fight which calls for democratic governments,worldwide human rights organizations, communities, institution and individuals alike to seek out common goals thru a variety of 'contra-measures' to deter such pleas

Fundamental discussion with respect or religious/political differences,this is,talking instead of fighting is the most peaceful and effective way in the long term to end this fight. As we all say to our children,violence is at first glance the 'easiest' way out, but problem is,it not sustainable in the long term. Fundamental discussion is the hardest way but most effective in the long term. This is the chosen path by this program.

In one word this program is a major tool in the fight for fundamental human right for individuals and Human Rights Organizations (HRO) and the fight against terrorism for democratic gouvernments

21 Guiding mind principles

  1. non-violence
  2. non/very-least-possible discrimination (and if inevitable universally justified)
  3. equality of rights for all
  4. freedom
  5. universality of paradigm application
  6. justice
  7. right to speak
  8. fore/retro actability
  9. consistency (within the spec/program)
  10. referencability (within the spec/program)
  11. transparency (within the spec/program and general outside)
  12. representability
  13. prosperity
  14. equality for all,that is,no discrimination/segregation
  15. IF (1) inevitable/undesirable/harmful/impossible THEN try to mitigate/softened/attenuated the most possible (relates to 20)
  16. hierarchical group representation
  17. multiple inheritance of a subgroup to several supergroups
  18. lowest granularity
  19. universal isometry
  20. smooth incremental/decremental (relates to 15)
  21. atomicity through ontological taxonomy refinement

Technology is the cornerstone of our effort. It is the principal enabler.


From a "birds eye view" the aim of the project is: promotes human right through the use of diversified network technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), use of "web interface" as a vehicule to worldwide discussion of most fundamental human right issues especially of those with the less effective means to defend themselves (women,children,elders,minorities (religious,political,linguistic,sexual ...) ...) against powerful/brutal extremist/fascist governments lead by a handful dictators 'sticking on their throne' and promoting violence/hate/propaganda within their own country and abroad.

What the program is

From a 'birds eye view' the program covers a huge and complex range of capabilities and functions. those encompasses:

  • network programming / IT
  • diversified dark web technologies
  • "web interface" (blog,forum,live-journal,newsgroup). In a few words,any place where people can speak out and 'blow the whistle' on situations
  • databases and text files
  • Heavy Artificial Intelligence (software that supports thinking on moral/political/social issues) that serves input reply
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence to emulate/simulate human users through "web interface" to promote 5
  • Tightly assert/monitor network security (this is a paramount inside extremist/fascist countries)
  • Mobile/tablet/cell/desktop user interface integration
  • Conversion/translation to/from multiple natural languages {English Spanish French Russian Arabic Hebrew Chinese} and sub-language and dialects of those)
  • IP WHOIS/DNS/... lookup
  • Handling numerous Internet Protocols (TCP/IP,UDP,MTCP,MUDP,...)
  • Social-networks:Twitter, Facebook, .... integration
  • incremental user integration capabilities features. "Web Interface Post Umbrella" (basic,free) "Web Interface Post Aggregator" (minimum fee), "Opera Meastro" (moderate user) and "Master of Puppets" (power user) user enumlation
  • ...

to name 'just a few'. Even from 'birds eye viewpoint', the list is very long

A closer look

The program can be illustrated as follows:

  • a few paradigms applied throughout the program
  • hierarchical human groups
  • aspectual human groups
  • "web interfaces" through which input/output of information occurs
  • several sub programs each with a specific pre-defined task
  • communication protocols to enforce effective communication input/output
  • democratic user/group contribution (open source)
  • democratic user/group governance based on the American Model
  • democratic/universal user access with incremental super-feature for power users
  • redundancy -- no single point of failure
  • security -- a paramount
  • consistency
  • auto-finance thought donations,subventions and service subscription for power users
  • incremental software versioning as in all open source
  • no hidden code (open source)
  • world-wide visibility/promotion from community/street level to governmental/UN level
  • constitutional
  • isometric
  • accessible to everyone
  • accountable
  • statistical measurement at the granulest level for power users
  • policing -- use of agents within the program to enforce rules
  • justice -- right of an accused individual/group to defend him/her -self
  • democratic user/group decision regarding political, executive and justice
  • ...

Hierarchical group representation

Humans are represented by groups.A single individual may be part of more and one group (explained latter) Human groups are categorized hierarchically and by aspect. explained latter Group categorization follows both multiple inheritance and incremental/decremental paradigms,both very important to the program. explained latter

This paradigm is illustrated by the following diagram which show that any given class can have multiple sub-classes

This paradigm is illustrated by the following diagram which show that Class C inhertic from both Class A and Class B


The funding of the program comes from Human Rights Organizations (HRO), private/corporate and individual donations even democratic government subventions Funding goes to finance the source-coding of the program given to both freelancers and to companies who specialize on precise aspects of the program. Open-source code is also envisioned on the long-term for maintenance updated. Any freelancer willing to freely contribute to the coding is welcome.

Program auto-financing, through power user subscription
The following powerfull sub program are highly paid by power users

  • "Master of Puppets"
  • "Opera Meastro"
  • "Web Interface Post Umbrella"
  • "Web Interface Post Aggregator"


The program promotion itself would be done mostly thru Internet on Human Rights Organizations (HRO) websites and Human Rights Organizations facilities (physical) with posters, flyers messages on bulletin-boards, journals, magazines, traditional media (radio,television), word-of-mouth,ect...


Gaining access to the system would be done thru a web-site or specialized program. There would be different type of users ranging from individual to super-user. Individual users would have FREE access (secure all times) and would be able to use basic functionality while super-users (top level high level HRO personnel for example CEO/president, democratic-government) would be able to use most advances features like "Master of Puppets" and "Opera Maestro" most advanced sub-programs with HIGHLY PAID subscriptions. While the medium user (HRO worker) could access lowly PAID subscriptions services like "Web Interface Post Aggregator" described bellow.


There are many benefit for Human Rights Organizations (HRO) in the use of the program. First of all, they can influence the way people think about a particular issue/subject thru the use of "Master of Puppets" and "Opera Maestro" most advanced sub-programs who can do widespread promotion of defense of human right thru presentation, discussion and argumentation within "web interface" throughout the world on the behalf of the user. The service/program facilitate work of power users who have to keep up with numerous "web interface" and "social network" and all the clerical and referencing work implied. This includes but not limited to, referencing and classifying links into multiple indexes,copy/paste messages to file,upload/download file & attachments,cross referencing which can quickly become very quickly a very very daunting task even with a very small number of post. mathematically the work load increases exponentially.

Human Rights Organizations (HRO) when posting on blog,forum,live-journal,newsgroup, ect, ... can get known attracting visitor on thier web site by freely posting a link along with comments freely posted with "Master of Puppets" and "Opera Maestro" and medium user "Web Interface Post Aggregator" sub programs

Simple basic users

For example with 2 posts a worker would work half an hour a day with 3 posts a worker would work two hours a day with 4 posts a worker would work 6 to 8 hours a day with only 5 posts for example,would work 14 to 18 hours a day, it would talk a full time job. given the complexity and number of different "web interface" on todays Internet. Typically HROs workers work with 40 or 50 posts even more on a weakly basis. they are overwhelmed,so the case overall defense quality suffers a lot,as they have to go to the 'most urgent' The program take care of low level detail hassle and let HRO workers concentrate on the most important.

Another benefit for the HRO itself would be the visibility itself,thought Google already does this perfectly,Its an extra strong arm on the wheel

Power users

Paid subscription could be done by check/CC/debit, ect...

HRO services be used thru the program by those persecuted by providing contact info like web-site, email, twitter and other social media addresses and phone number too.

The program once logged in in will provide the user with an interface consisting of menus permitting him/her to do different operation on "web interfaces" and to use different sub programs depending on the "user level". For example super-users (CEO/president, democratic-government) can use "Master of Puppets" and "Opera Maestro" and medium user "Web Interface Post Aggregator" which offer a variety of powerful features not accessible to the low-level user. He/she can have a feed of past upload/download on "web interface",configure aggregation details,add/delete "web interface" URL and much more

Sponsor eye on code and money

Sponsor of the project will have an up to date update of what is concretely done with their donations and can see the code actually done through open source code interface on the web.

Lowest granularity

Atomic rules response statistic provide metrics on how application of specific measure help enforce protection of well identified aspected sub-groups within the program and can even help democratic governments compare stats on the effective viability of rule application,very useful in debate. It can also help HRO more easily priorities specific priorities within their own agenda.Atomic rules described below are the building blocks.



    many groups (women,children,elderly,minorities (religious,political,linguistic,sexual ...) ...) cannot freely express themselves by fear of (reprisal,harassment,imprisonment),lack of technological means (no computer or network), lack of cognitive skills (young children who cannot read/write, mentally feeble) or physically challenged


    Human Rights Organisations (HRO) {Public Private Community}
    individuals (prosecuted or not)
    defenders/promoters (for those who can't express themselves)
    democratic governments


    throughout the world,but especially aimed to countries who minorities rights are seriously weakened, like women in islamic/extremist countries might also be used in democratic countries by interest groups


    when human rights is oppressed by regimes and cannot speak for themselves within the community/country without fear reprisal


    explained in spec

Pre-defined rules

the program has pre-defined rules

  • no group/sub-group/individual/agent can promote violence/hate/extremist towards an individual or groups
  • groups can democratically create their own rules
  • sub-groups which are part of group must abide rules of the group which they are part of
  • democratic political structure based on the american and european model of governance
  • this applies recursively
  • separation of political, executive and justice
  • anti SPAM protection
  • ...

Group defined rules

  • democratically approved/signed by participants
  • applied by agents
  • decision taken democratically by votes
  • user/group definable list of bad word in many languages
  • ...

Group formation by aspect

Aspect can be continuous or discrete Aspect can be for example religion,political-orientation,language,sexual-orientation,age,gender,race,statut, ... Within any given aspect, groups of can be formed. For example religion aspect can be categorized around religious groups for the religion aspect forming Catholic,Orthodox,Muslim,Buddhist ... linguistic aspect can be categorized around language groups for the language aspect forming French,English,Spanish,Russian ... same goes for the other aspects too. Sub-groups derived from more than one group can be formed too A single sub-groups can be part of more than group for both continuous or discrete type of aspects. For continuous sub-groups, adjacency may not may not be a requirement, defined by the super-group. For discreet, the above requirement is not necessary within supergroup Multi-dimensional sub-groups can also be formed by the crossing of more and 1 aspect. For example, in a 2 dimensional group crossing the crossing of religion and language aspects forming 'French Muslim', 'English Catholic', 'Russian Orthodox' The number of dimensional is not limited to 2 it can be any number, For example, in a 4 dimensional group crossing the crossing of language,racial,age,sexual-orientation aspects forming 'spanish black gay teen',for example ... there no limit to the number of aspect forming a sub-group

This paradigm is illustrated by the following cube in which a smaller cube is fit in.
The smaller cube represents a sub-group within a group.
The number of dimensions represent the number of aspects which it intersects, here 3
Conceptually there can be infinite number of dimensions but for illustration purpose we only take 3

Group formation by hierarchy

groups are also structured hierarchically from aspects,and a single sub-groups can be part of more than 1 super-group if both adjacent in a continuous aspect and defined in the super-group.for example 'metis' race is a sub-group of 'indian' and 'caucasian' races of continuous/discrete aspect *0, 'young adult' is both in 'youth' and 'adult' super-group of continuous age aspect, 'creole' dialect is a sub-group of 'french' and 'haitian' languages for discrete language aspect.

This paradigm is illustrated by the following diagram which show the gray rectangle is both part of the red and green super-rectangles


Though the program promotes human right, such program cannot well function without proper rules and order. the program has rules and user/groups have the right to protest those rules even within the program. Every user/group has the right to defend him/her self Group have their own set of rules applied by agents within the program described below. Groups must abide the rules of the supergroup which they are part of. For example no group can promote violence/terrorism. Because the top-level group forbids so and all group are sub-group of. Agents enforce rules,regulation to protect those promoted right and measure to enforce them. For example the 'human' agent promotes that all humans,that is,all sub-agents of super-agent 'human' be protected from violence/abuse/ect,have health care nonobstant of their capacity to pay as well as education/information. Those right apples to to all sub group whether they are youth group, elder group, women group, men group, black group, white group, islamic group, jew group, LGBT group, ect ...

Group definition extension

As you might of noticed groups span multiple 'dimensions' or human classifications here called 'aspects';race,color,religion,age,sexual-orientation,political-orientation,ect... In the above case no 'agent' can make the promotion of date/violence. Each group and subgroup can add precisions on what exactly violence is. For example,within the 'elder' group,the very-olds and 100s sub-groups might promote the fact of yelling/using violence language towards someone over 80 constitutes a violent act and push public opition in thinking so.So as within the 'youth' group the 'toddlers' sub-group can promote the fact of shaking a baby strongly making his/her head go back and forth constitutes a violent act. Each sub-agent add precision to the definition of the promoted/prohibited act.


Pre-defined paradigms are exemplified in much more detail to clearly explain the idea as those apply universally to different degrees throughout the program.

Isometric universal paradigm

Is the guideline throughout the program. In a few words, it’s the paramount to universal equality. For example if there is a right for men to do such thing there must be the same right for women to do the same. If there is a right for Christian to do such thing there must be the same right for other religions to do the same. If there is a right for white people to do such thing there must be the same right for other human races to do the same. This applies to all aspects described above. The same goes for the rules too. For example if there is a rule for men to do such thing there must be the same rule for women to do the same. If there is a rule for Christian to do such thing there must be the same rule for other religions to do the same. If there is a rule for white people to do such thing there must be the same rule for other human races to do the same. This applies to all aspects described above.

Incremental/decremental paradigm

Incremental/decremental paradigm is also very important and integral part of the program. This paradigm applies to subgroups within an aspect group for all aspect (enumerated above) and groups of. This paradigm, thought preemptively defined, its up to the sub-groups to define atomic rules which are the granular lowest-level rule within the program. this is a democratic program. It’s up to the community to define how it is applies to atomic rules described below. The primary role of atomic rules is to least discrimination, very important to human right equality,by defining at the granulest level specifications to aspect to which they apply. The more they are the less harmfull is the discrimination, if inevtitable.

This paradigm is illustrated by the following gradient image,gradually progressimg in very small steps from red to green.
Mathematicly correct gradients have an infinite number of steps, applying the paradigm at 100%

By contrast, when the paradigm isn't applied at all, that is, applying the paradigm at 0%, mathematicly we have only 2 steps

Can you see the difference between the 2 above lines. If you can't you need an appointment with optometrist right're color blind ! If you can, can you tell me, or rather, can you ask yourself,which is more segregative ? To me the answer is obvious

Applying the former,that is,the one with infinite number of step deters undesirable nefast effect of discrimination/segregation (which promotes hate/violence) making a smooth gradient as in the first case, will the latter promotes hate/violence

Formally it applies atomic rules described below, to a particular activity to different level depending on different characteristics of sub-groups. To exemplify, when applying this to the race aspect,the former divides races in race groups (blacks, whites, asian, indian, etc...), while the latter operates no division, rather its a contunium, that is, here there is no notion of 'bastard' but rather mixed-race as this program is anti-racist. And BTW the word 'bastard' isn't used as it has racist conotation, I use 'mixed' instead.This can be applied to religions as well,as there are already a quisi-inifinite number of those,as well as other aspects denoted above too. Furthermore,to illutrate with concrete example, I'll take one type of activity here motor vehicle driving (privilege) (single individual) applied to the 'youth' group of the 'age' aspect. Sub-groups for the 'youth' group can be (informally) defined as {pre-borns*1 babies toddlers children pre-teens teens mature-teens*2 young-adults*2}.most,but not all are exemplified here motor vehicle driving (privilege): since the age group of those group are not defined yet, I'll give age in numbers instead

For example age requirement related to motor vehicle driving might be as follows:

type of vehicle age
mini-cross *1 5
stand-up-scooter *1 9
moped 12
car (accompanied by adult) 14
car alone (day) 16
car alone (day/night) 18
10 wheel truck 19.5
tractor-truck-trailer-van 21
bus/tractor-truck-trailer-van (gasoline/inflammable) 25

*1 sub/local/county governments can/should/must make this 'off road' for safety.
ex: under parental/adult/supervisor supervision,fenced protected area, etc

The above paradigm can also apply to other aspect (explained/enumerated above) according to country culture throughout the world. for example would gays be allowed to have/adopt children in very conservative inner Russia ? as I previously said in the introduction,this is a democratic program, this would be up the russians (NOT ONLY Putin) and gays to decide on this particular question

It could also apply to multiple aspect groups (and subgroups). for example could islamic (religion aspect) women (gender aspect) working for that state (statut aspect) have the right to where 'burka' at work. This question was widely debated here in Québec during 2014 election.

Atomic rules

Atomic rules describe at the most granular level how rules apply to sub-groups,(or sub-group of) within an aspect group regarding a particular state. The primary role of atomic rules is to least discrimination, very important to human right equality,by defining at the granulest level specifications to aspect to which they apply. The more they are the less harmfull is the discrimination, if inevtitable. Atomic rule specification is done through the addition of additional condition.Compared to the above table,the below table has an additional condition,namely,the level of alcohol. The age aspect is inevitably naturally subjected to discrimination,thus inevitable. Discrimination here is justified by immaturity. For illustration purpose only I'll take a subset *3 ('mature-teens'*2 and 'young adults' *2) of the above enumerated youth group regarding the consumption of alcohol AND motor vehicle driving taking as an example. Even though it’s completely legal for +18 to consume alcohol, it’s not when you’re driving most types of motor vehicle for 'mature-teens'. Here's a small chart relating age,type of vehicle and alcohol percentage level allowed.

type of vehicle age alcohol percentage level allowed
moped 18 0.03
car alone (day/night) 18 0.00
car alone (day/night) 22 0.04
car alone (day/night) 25 0.08
10 wheel truck 19.5 0.00
10 wheel truck 22 0.02
10 wheel truck 25 0.05
tractor-truck-trailer-van 21 0.00
tractor-truck-trailer-van 23 0.02
tractor-truck-trailer-van 25 0.04
bus 25 0.00
tractor-truck-trailer-van (gasoline/flammable) 25 0.00

take note:

  1. 3 of the above type of vehicle (moped,10 wheel truck,tractor-truck-trailer-van) are repeated in the left column for age regarding alcohol percentage level allowed
  2. for a given age, alcohol percentage level allowed varies according to the type of vehicle. for example say 22 yo can have a 0.04 for a car but 0.02 for a 10 wheel truck
  3. the ONLY case when 18yo can drive a motor vehicle with alcohol percentage level above 0.00 is in the case of a moped with only 0.03.for any other motor vehicle its 0.00
  4. for bigger vehicles the permitted alcohol percentage level allowed is lower
  5. in NO CASE driving a bus or tractor-truck-trailer-van carrying inflammable is alcohol allowed even if above 25
  6. minors (<18) ruled out;no alcohol allowed anyways
  7. mini-cross and stand-up-scooter are not listed for ergonomical/safety reasons
  8. not totally isometric as sub-group are ruled out of the 2 above tables

The in/de cremental paradigm place also a central role inside the program exemplified with the 'youth' example but not limited to. That is,it can also be applied to other aspects than age. For example if can be applied other continuous *1 aspects too for example race,sexual orientation, ect.. and combined with other aspects too. For example how does gay islamic fit within their own religion (which condemns) and throughout various more or less democratic societies in various countries in the world. Being multi-dimensional and multi-paradigmal allow 'smooth' integration of diversity within a whole,weather local,statewide,national and even international. A great step in complexity can be waived by combining few simple principle exemplified above. User defined aspect, group and paradigms can also be added latter by users on as the program aims to be democratic before all.


An agent is a piece of artificial intelligence (AI) software. Within the program groups/sub-groups are represented by agents who promote their right on "web interfaces" (described below). There can be one or more agents per group. As with the groups agents are organised in hierarchical structure following the American model division of sovereignty described below.

Their role is to:

  • recursively apply/enforce the set of rules voted by groups/sub-groups to members within a group
  • promote/defend specific right on "web interface"
  • orchestrate satellite puppets users for "Master of Puppets", "Opera Maestro" and "Web Interface Post Aggregator" subprograms
  • enforce security both within the program and on external TOR hidden nodes
  • authenticate input/output
  • filter "bad words"
  • enforce paradigms within the program

Promotion of peace

For example, top level group forbids lower-level groups promoting violence/have/terrorism while permitting various 'degrees' or variation of some particular religion for example. Every religion is welcome here and the creation of a new one is welcome too. The only thing as I said numerous time before, it that the program will NEVER make promotion of violence, nor tolerate groups/sub-groups to do so.

Message aggregator

The user doesn't have to be sitting in front of the computer while the agent posts his/her messages as an Agent also have to role of using "Web Interface Post Aggregator" sub-program post-posting a single message across multiple "web interface" on the behalf of a given user,saving him time (in democratic countries) and ultimately his/her life too (in most non-democratic countries). Agent also has the role of replying to previously posted messages and carrying on discussion on his/her behalf. A single message from a single user can be posted on multiple forums spreading the word more easily.

American model division of sovereignty

The group hierarchical structure governance follows the American model. The president represents a group and is elected democratically. This is for example, top level president (Washington), N sub-level presidents (states), M sub-sub-level presidents (counties). Washington (top level president) take are of national affairs like defense,national security and is under direct control of the president. The 50 states right under (governors) (sub-presidents) take care of things link health care,traffic/road regulation,youth/elder protection,education,social affaire ... right under, is the county (sheriff) (sub-sub president) which take care of community/county/municipal affairs like water/sewage/traffic light repair, local road regulation dogs licensing, noise allowed according to day hours, garbage/sewage disposal each state/county can have their own set of rules within their own 'domain of sovereignty'

Web Interfaces

a general term used to enumerate blog,forum,livejournal,newsgroup ... just to name a few. Those are program installed on remote servers for posting public messages which can be read by anyone. In broad,it a place where filers/messages and be uploaded/downloaded and accessible to the outside world or white Internet.

Cross Web Interfaces

Element such as chatroom/chatbox or twitter embedded inner page. Those are web interfaces that can be present on any web interface and are othogonal to those (explained clearly in the spec).

Secure Network

As the program has to post political/religious/moral message throughout different countries in the world and some of those are particularly hostile to certain types of minority groups (religious,political,linguistic,sexual) those MUST be protected from prosecution from government especially extremist/fascist regimes. This is done through the use of a secure network of nodes and relay as in TOR network and other similar networks


Master of Puppets

aggregates "Opera Maestro" argumentation by the use of link across web site and maintains consistency amongst them in real time.

Opera Maestro

more complex program that uses other users to help sustain user argumentation loggedin user through premis analysis n the same site

Web Interface Post Aggregator

simple program using "variability syntax" to post messages on different sub pages of the same site using synonyms and different phrase structuring to make text look differently


*0 weather race aspect should be considered continuous or discrete is still object of debate throughout the world. I don't state on this.
*1 pre-borns also have rights, particularly regarding abortion
*2 as already said above,a group can be formed by sub-groups,each of which derived from one or more supergroups. 'mature-teens' and 'young adults' in this particular case retaining most,(but not all) of the characteristics of its super-group both 'youth' and 'adult'
*3 minors (<18) ruled out;no alcohol allowed anyways

With your contribution you help to save lives, to make a step forward for democracy, peace, equality, freedom and reduce violence, hatred, discrimination, segregation, division, and make sure that the fascist regimes being depleted faster. This is an excellent step in the right direction, Bravo and thank you for your genorous donation!
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